Small Business SEO

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CGO Media has helped 1,000’s of small businesses over the years, providing an affordable, high-quality Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service that helps to increase search engine rankings and get your small business found on Google, Bing and Yahoo. We specialise in Small Business SEO, so whether you are a small or medium sized business, our Small Business SEO service is the right choice for you!

How our Small Business SEO Service can help you…

Every SEO web analysis we provide is unique, tailored to meet the needs and budget of the client we serve as well as the industry they operate within. Each small business will require its own individual SEO package, but all are guaranteed to return excellent results and all are guaranteed to generate traffic to your website.

When we provide our Small Business SEO Service, we incorporate a number of proven, White Hat SEO techniques, including everything from the initial search engine optimisation of your website (meta tags & quality page content) to generating external backlinks that inbound to your website. As well as this, we also delve into the social media arena where we apply quality backlinks from various platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

When we provide our FREE Small Business SEO Analysis for your business’ website, we ensure that we set out, in full, our recommendations on how we believe we can push your website further up the search engine ranking results, and in turn provide the best return on investment for you – Just because there are social media platforms readily available to promote to, or there are numerous blogs from which to backlink from, doesn’t necessarily mean we will use them; all of our free consultations are tailored to meet the individual needs of the business as well as the budget of what they can afford.

So for a truly personal SEO approach for small business, talk to CGO Media today.

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